2 Simple Ways to Get a Monster Size Penis That the Women Will Enjoy – Easier Than You Think!

If you suffer from having a small penis you may become obsessed in finding the right penis enlargement product in order to get a larger and thick penis so that he can provide a woman with a maximum amount of pleasure in bed. This is a good obsession to have because you will be awarded in the bedroom since you will be able to provide a woman with jaw-dropping orgasms that she will not be able to forget. Besides adding your penis can satisfy your ego and make your self-esteem reach an all-time high because you are absolutely certain you can please a woman in bed. This will have a positive impact on the quality of your life and in your confidence in the bedroom.

As a result of all this many penis enlargement products have flooded the market creating mass confusion for a potential customer when trying to find the right penis enlargement product. In this article I will outline two different ways you can begin to enlarge the size of your penis so that the ladies will love you in the bedroom.

One way to begin to increase the size of your penis is through using natural herbs. These can be purchased for a much lower price at a local herbal shop in your area. If you choose this route you should avoid buying the fancy products at your local nutrition store because they are just the same herbs you can get at the herbal store that are marketed and priced much higher. One of the best herbs to increase your penis size is called horny goat weed. This herb works by inhibiting the PDE five enzyme which controls the blood flow into your penis shaft.

What it does is allow allows more blood to flow in and creates a larger penis for you. This is a safe and effective herb because it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and continues to be sold at herbal shops all around the world. Another great herb to combine with the horny goat weed would be called Tribulus, this herb focuses on stretching out the cells in your penis to allow more blood to flow in as well as increasing overall pleasure and sensation of the penis.

Another effective methods to increase the size of your penal would be using penis enlargement exercises. These work by stretching out the cells in the Corpora Covernosa. The corpora covernosa are two chambers inside your penis shaft that fill up with blood while you experience anection. The exercises work by stretching out the tissue in your penis shaft to allow maximum blood flow to circulate into the region.

An example of one of these exercises is called jelqing. This exercise focuses on increasing the width of your penis which is very important because when your penis is inserted into the walls of a females vagina it is actually the width that contributes to maximizing your pleasure. To begin this exercise you will want to apply a hot towel to your penis shaft in order to warm it up properly. Next you will not get one of your hands and place it on your penis shaft and stretch it out away from you. You will focus your stretch on first going left then center and finally to the right. This will ensure appropriate blood is received in both chambers and an increase in penis size will begin.

Source by Frank Parker

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