Acupuncture – How Many Treatments Do I Need?

One of the most common questions Chinese medicine practitioners and Licensed Acupuncturists get is how many treatments will I need? Many people believe that one acupuncture treatment will cure them or help them significantly. Though in some cases one treatment of acupuncture will help the problem, it usually takes more than just the one. There really isn’t a set amount of treatments that will cure or significantly improve the problem. Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s health condition is different, therefore the amount of acupuncture treatments may vary. On average, in most cases between five and ten treatments can either improve or cure the condition. Each treatment will build upon itself. Usually after a set amount of treatments the practitioner will re-evaluate and assess and determine to see if more is needed. Here are three specific steps of care that will enhance your acupuncture experience.

The first step of care is the relief care. This is where the 5-10 treatments of acupuncture is most important. Relief care is coming in at least every other day for the first 5-10 treatments to treat the initial signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing. For example, if someone comes in for acupuncture to treat their back pain, the best would to come in for around 5-10 treatments to help with the pain and the initial signs and symptoms. Every other day may seem a lot, but in China patients typically go see the Chinese doctor for treatments every other or every day.

The second step of care is the corrective care. After the initial 5-10 treatments the signs and symptoms should be significantly reduced. During the corrective care stage, the patient can decrease the frequency of visits and start spreading them out. The Chinese doctor will continue to treat the main complaint, but also treat the root cause of the complaint. This is a time of continuing building the body to balance itself so the body can heal itself and maintain health.

The last step of care is the maintenance and wellness. This is where many people don’t understand. This is coming in for treatments when there isn’t really any significant health problem or coming in for treatments on a as needed basis. During this time a patient can come in monthly, quarterly, or even yearly to get a check up according to Chinese medicine and have acupuncture treatments. Chinese medicine is based on prevention. In order to prevent a patient should come in once in a while to have acupuncture treatments to help their body maintain health and wellness. This is having acupuncture a key component in your health care.

Having an acupuncture lifestyle, eating right, and exercising will maintain your health and wellness. It is important to remember that prevention is the key to greater health and wellness.

Source by Tyehao Lu

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