Alternative Medicine – The Healthy Choice

Alternative and Conventional Medicines are the two main systems of healing in use today and the utmost precaution should be taken to choose wisely.

Being healthy is of critical importance in the life of everyone. I do not believe that there is anyone who denies the anguish of disease. Without health you can not function properly in any area of ​​your life.

Whether enjoying the normal faculties of life or mentally unbalanced, every person would rather be perfectly healthy than end the tortures of pain, sickness and disease, but there comes a time when we must seek medical help.

It is unfortunate that instead of healing the sick, very often some medicines interfere with the natural process of healing, resulting in additional suffering and further deterioration of health.

In ancient times, illness was cured by the use of herbs and other natural therapies which always proved very effective. Today, those same therapies as well as modern discoveres based on those of ancient times are referred to as alternative medicine and the public has been brainwashed
into believing that the treatments are worthless; yet, many diseases that have been deemed 'incurable' are being healed by alternative means but, unfortunately, these cures have never been heard of by countless sufferers.

What is called conventional medicine (also referred to as mainstream, standard, allopathic or orthodontic medicine), is man-made synthetic drugs that were not in existence in ancient times. Interestingly, so many diseases were not around in those days as there are today.

The main difference between the two systems is that alternative medicine is concerned about the prevention of disease and pays attention to and deals with the cause by treating the body as a whole. It focuses on preventing disease before it starts. It views the presence of disease as an imbalance of the emotional, mental and physical state of a person and endeavors to support and strengthen the immune system by natural means.

Alternative medicine contends that the body is naturally able to heal itself and remain stable – known in medicine as homeostasis.

On the other hand, conventional medicine is not concerned with preventing disease but rather with using synthetic drugs to cure an already established ailment. It is more interested in treating just the symptoms of disease by scientific techniques and technology instead of treating the whole person.

Many conventional drugs are said to have the potential to damage the liver and kidneys, and cause mental depression, heart falure, cancer and other adverse side effects. Now, if that is so, why are they still being manufactured and sold to the public? Where is the concern for public health and safety?

Note that since the introduction of conventional medicine, instead of there being greater relief from illness, there has been an exponential surge of diseases wreaking havoc in the lives of unsuspecting mortals. Why is this so?

If conventional medicine were the answer to health problems, why are there so many more diseases prevalent today? The interesting thing is that a name is readily given to each new disease and some form of synthetic remedy is quickly manufactured for sale!

Conventional medicine has been so well advertised that the public is convinced that it is the only way that they can get relief from devastating illnesses. They jump at the announcement of any new supposedly super healing conventional medicine and with no hesitation embark upon treating themselves. This is especially so in the case of weight loss.

The sad thing is that no real cure is realized from these, whereas there are natural remedies that have been proven to cure. I can personally attest to certain cures that I have experienced through the use of natural remedies.

It is well known that some drug manufacturers have had to withdraw their dangerous medication because of the likelihood of patients suffering heart attack and stroke. Most synthetic drugs, if not all, have dangerous side effects of which the public is unaware. Some are very detrimental to unborn babies. So why are these drugs still being sold and at such exorbitant prices?

The general public is not necessarily made aware of the dangers of conventional drugs. For obvious reasons, no attempt to do so is made by those who should educate the unwary and encourage the use of alternative medicine.

Obviously, if disease is preceded by natural means before resulting in the breach of the immune system which is the body's mechanism of defense against sickness, serious diseases such as cancer and other so-called incurable diseases would be claimed, and so there would be little need for the administration of expensive conventional medicine since that would be necessary only in case of surgery and other traumatic conditions.

Sad to say, it is reported that nutritional supplements as well as some alternative medicines packaged by some unscrupulous manufacturers are not quite what their labels indicate, and that the potency is far below what is required to be effective. This is not to suggest that they are toxic, but rather that they are not quite as effective as they should be.

If this is so, my personal feeling is that such persons should be exposed and their names posted in full view for all to see. This should curve that undesirable practice. One must there before be very cautious while choosing nutritional supplements as well as alternative medicines.

Another point that I think worthy of note is about products so readily put on the skin. Most of them are formulated with harmful synthetic substances that get into the blood stream and invariably cause dangerous side effects. As it is said, what you would not eat, you should not put on your skin.

Remember that the skin absorbs and can not differiate between synthetic chemicals and natural substances. You may not see the adverse effects now, but years later your skin would speak for itself. You do not want to look older than your age, do you? Then do not poison yourself with the topical application of toxic skin products.

No one should be so busy so as not to be able to find time to learn about the natural substances that they could take to protect their own bodies and prevent diseases. Many thousands of persons might have been alive today if only they had known, and had been encouraged to use natural remedies.

I enjoy reading to find out about ancient formulas and treatments that have resurfaced today, as well as new discoveries of natural healing methods and remedies that are gaining momentum amongst health conscious persons.

Have have collected lots of information on herbal remedies. Among them are such topics as heart health the natural way, aromatherapy essential oils, homeopathy, beautiful skin care, skin diseases, healing conditions such as acne, hemorrhoids, eczema, etc., weightloss, and many other natural health remedies and detailed information on how to make your own from nature's herbs, vitamins and nutrients.

Many persons seem to be convinced that natural remedies made by God do not have the efficacy of the synthetic remedies made by man!

God who made this world has said "the leaves of the trees for healing of the nations." God is truth and can not lie. Is not it time that we took Him at his word?

Why should we put our trust in Satan and his lies and put no confidence in God and His truth?

Since there seems to be no confidence in what God has made, Why do not we make our own water, sunshine, trees, and fresh air? Why do we walk upon God's earth? We should make our own basic items to concoct synthetic remedies instead of corrupting the things that God has made.

You can seek relief from disease either through natural alternative medicine by which you can maintain good health and save; Egypt, through conventional medicine with its ill effects of costy synthetic prescription drugs at the risk of further deterioration of your health. It is up to you to prevent poisoning yourself, avoid unnecessary pain and suffering, and be healthy.

Keep this in mind:

If you really want to fight disease,
Natural Medicine is the Healthy Choice;
But, if you'd rather be disappointed,
Synthetic Medicine might be the Deadly Choice !!

This article is written for information only and is not intended to suggest treatment of any disease. Information contained herein is based on facts I have gathered and just want to share with interested persons. Anyone suffering from a disease or has any other medical issue is advised to consult a recognized practiceer.

Source by Jem Bacchus

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