Best Natural Libido Enhancers – Cnidium, a Supplement Proven to Increase Libido

Cnidium is known in China as She Chuang Zi and is a popular herb worldwide renounced for its health benefits and acts as a sexual tonic. Cnidium works so well as a libido enhancer, as it fulfills many of the same functions of prescription drugs without any side affects.

Cnidium seeds come from a plant, which grows through China.

Cnidium seed contains several compounds including coumarins, osthol, imperatorin, glucides and hepatoprotective sesquiterpenes.

Cnidium seeds are one of the most effective natural remedies used to increase sexual potency, boost
libido and to treat impotence.

1. Nitric Oxide

Many people who want to increase libido concentrate on testosterone levels – but its nitric oxide which most men lack. Do not know what it is? Well you will not get an appreciation, unless you get enough of it.

Nitric oxide allows the blood vessels to relax and allow sufficient blood to flow into the penis to get an erection. Nitric oxide decreases naturally with age and just like prescription drugs, Cnidium helps increase nitric oxide production – its importance is such, that if you do not get enough nitric oxide, you will never get an erection. So it's vital you're getting enough!

2. Inhibits PDE-5.

Prescription drugs inhibit PDE-5, this enables an erection to be maintained for longer period of time and Cnidium does the same only naturally.

Cnidium is one of the best natural libido enhancers you can use to cure low libido and is increasingly being used in the West to combat impotence and you can find it in most good Chinese health shops and as a supplement.

A perfect Combination with These Herbs

While this is a great libido enhancer it is not a one pill fix all solution – you need to get a cocktail of herbs that can affect your overall sexual wellbeing both in mind and in body – this works very well when combined with these other 3 powerful herbs all from China:

Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Epimedium Grandiflorum Extract – "Horny Goat Weed" –

These 3 herbs combined with Cnidium give an overall boost to the body – but also to the mind, helping to lift mood and decrease stress – a known passion killer. You do not have to buy all the above individually, many companies are offering blends of these and other libido boosters, all in one convenient formulation.

Natural libido boosters work, because they help heal and repair body functions. The body has an immunity capacity to recover and renew and it can do this with your sex drive – if it's given the right fuel.

Providing you have no serious health problems, the above can work wonders for your sex drive and increase your libido naturally.

Source by Monica Hendrix

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