Chinese Medicine And Pregnancy

Traditional Chinese Medicine first talks about pregnancy in the ancient book, the Nei Jing, back in the 1st or 2nd century BC, other famous texts since then also cover this topic.

The success rate in treating infertility is dramatic and it does so by bringing the patients body back to health. Many couples who go the route of IVF would have benefited greatly if they had first under gone Chinese Medicine treatment of herbs and acupuncture. One set of statistics put the number of women falling pregnant in this way above 80% and those who go on to IVF would have a better result and a healthier baby.

There are several trials that have been undertaken and practitioners who have specialized in this area. They often set out protocols that have worked for them such as different herbs at different times in the cycle and acupuncture at a set time to maximize ovulation etc.

I prefer to treat the person's constitutional weakness and leave protocols behind. Soon always their own will be a specific weakness preventing a successful pregnancy. In three recent cases I have concentrated on erection of the middle jiao ie – fullness across the region of the diaphragm area preventing energy descending to the lower jiao ie – pelvic area. Unlike other therapies which seek to find specifics such as hormonal balance etc if you normalize qi and blood flows, then the body will make the corrections itself.

Herbs such as lu lu tong [liquid amber] can be used to unblock fallopian tubes. There are lists of herbs not to use in pregnancy to prevent possible miscarriage but in Chinese Medicine, if the herbs match the pattern then what is inappropriate for one will in fact prevent miscarriage in another. Having said that staying on the safe side is in order so cold descending herbs would normally be avoided such as da huang [rhubarb root]
I have not known any of my patients to have an epidural if they have had acupuncture during pregnancy.

Both acupuncture and herbs work on morning sickness, once again different acupuncture treatments and different herbs will be used according to the individual's constitution.

Acupuncture and moxibustion are very good to correct a breech presentation, any time after 34 weeks. It can also be used to mention birth when the baby is over due.

Rather than putting your feet up and hoping for the best, Chinese herbs can settle a restless toe as can acupuncture but once again the reason for this happening must be diagnosed in Traditional Chinese Medical terms.

Very good results can be achieved but these cases are best appreciated before we get to these symptoms which reflect a poor constitution going into the pregnancy.

Both acupuncture and herbs can stimulate the system to normalize this symptom. It is usually the kidney and spleen energies that require tonifying.

Type two diabetes responds to Chinese medicine and in pregnancy is very much related to the kidney energy being inadequate.

In Chinese Medicine this is not a psychiatric problem but the result of the physical drain of childbirth. In this situation the mother needed to build her constitution up before and during pregnancy and make sure help is at hand to prevent overly stressful situation in her life.

Chinese medicine uses both herbs and acupuncture to bring on a delayed birth.

Herbs particularly make short work of mastitis problems.

Postpartum problems respond very well to both herbs and acupuncture

Foods and herbs will increase milk supply and also reduce an over supply.

Source by James Debenham

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