Dealing With Anxiety the Natural Way

At some point in our life, we deal with stresses and worries. This causes anxiety. Occasional mild anxiety is normal, if not healthy. It can help us function better and set our problem-solving skills in motion. But when it comes to a point where anxiety hampers our daily lives, then it becomes a problem. Extreme worry can cause insomnia, fear, and difficulty concentrating. When one lives in the shadow of these symptoms, eventually all activities in daily life will be disregarded, causing one to deteriorate. In some cases, the anxiety becomes so overwhelming that it can lead to a more severe form of psychological disorder. Fortunately, this problem in its early and acute stage is something that can be addressed in a natural way. Dealing with anxiety need not be a cause of anxiety itself.

Dealing with anxiety naturally has been around and well-practiced by the ancient Chinese.. The concept of Chinese medicine being used to treat various illnesses is nothing new. Because of its proven effectiveness, it has been around for centuries. Traditional Chinese medicine is founded on the belief that by addressing the flow of energy through the body, health is achieved. In dealing with anxiety, there occurs an imbalance in this flow of energy or life force. When such thing occurs, symptoms of anxiety such as restlessness, agitation, panic, nervousness, and hyperventilating occurs. The goal is to calm the turbulence in this life force to bring order to chaos. This can be done through the use of the select natural herbs found in Calm and Relaxed Formula. Once the life force is stabilized and restored to its normal flow, the anxiety disappears and the feeling of relaxation takes over.

There are two age-old formulas that has been used for centuries in providing relief from anxiety. These are the Xiao Yao San, or the Rambling Powder, and The Heavenly Emperor’s Heart Nourishing Pills. The first one’s goal is of achieving a life free from tension and agitation. The second one is used to keep calm, what is known in Chinese Medicine as “Calming the Spirit.” These 2 formulas csan be combined for the ultimate anxiety healing experience. Like all Chinese herbal remedies, herbs can be added or taken away and these formulas can be modified to fit the individual specific problem.

Dealing with anxiety through this natural means helps promote a feeling or well-being and restoration, leading to a calmer and relaxed state by the one who is suffering from the anxiety attack. It works by calming the nervous system and works to maintain a long-term relief from anxiety attacks. Unlike conventional medicine, the proper herbal formula does not produce any harmful and undesirable side effects.

Source by Jeremy Speiser

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