Eight Foods Best for Skin Care

We all know eating certain food is good to the body and skin but only a few people know that if we apply some food on the face, it can play a magic effect. Soon, you will find your skin is smoother and whiter.

1. Honey
It contains many vitamins, moisturizing the skin. People usually use it to DIY some masks, lotions so as to supply the nutrients to the body and keep the skin smooth and elastic.

2. Tea and tea leaves
Both tea and tea leaves are good to skin care. Tea leaves are often used to eliminate the stink, kill bacteria and remove the inflammation. And tea is used to bathe because it can repair the reddish skin caused by sunburn.

3. Almond powder
It is a good food for health maintenance in Chinese medicine. It effectively whitens and beautifies the skin. Thus, it is often used to make masks and facial scrubs. If you stick to use it for a long time, you will find your skin is turning whiter and whiter, smoother and smoother. Almond powder is sold in almost every supermarket and traditional Chinese medicine store.

4. Lemon peel and lemon juice
Both are often used to bathe because they can send off pleasant odor. Many fruits can be used to DIY lotions or other skin care products but lemon is the most important among fruits. Lemon juice can clean and whiten skin and more, it can remove blisters. It contains natural essential oil that sends off sweet smell, pleasing people a lot. When lemon peel is cut up to make facial masks, it has the function of scrubbing and removing old waster cells.

5. Cucumber
Cucumber juice contains much moisture, and vitamin C which strengthens the regeneration capacity of skin. And that it is a good material for skin care. When people are burned by sun, they can apply cucumber juice on the skin for ten minutes. Its coolness kills the pain.

6. Oat
Oats contain a lot of vitamin E and minerals which can remove aged horniness, and thus keeps your skin smooth and glossy.

7. Banana
It is very nutritional, rich in protein, potassium, vitamins and minerals. It can gently clean and repair the skin.

8. Apple
Apples are rich in flavonol and tannic acid which have the functions of anti-oxidation and de-toxication. What's more, apples contain much vitamin C, minerals, sugar and malic acid which nourish, moisturize the skin and minimize pores.

Source by Zhenzhen He

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