Finding Safe, Natural Penis Enhancement in Herbal Chinese Medicine

Natural penis enhancement and Chinese medicine? Those are terms that you probably do not hear together very often but maybe you should. In a day and age when the FDA is constantly recalling synthetic drugs even after approval you should be looking at safer, natural alternatives. Herbal Chinese medicine may fit the bill. Why take a risk with potentially dangerous chemicals when you can achieve natural penis enhancement through ancient Chinese medicine.

Herbal Chinese medicine dates back over 4,000 years. Using the herbs found locally, they have learned to treat every thing from depression to cancer. In fact, right now there are clinical trials in the US that are using extracts from some Chinese mushrooms to treat cancer. Western medicine is just now finding out what the East has known for a long time.

Like any culture, Chinese men value their penis size and their virility as a sign of strength so it was herbal Chinese medicine that they turned to to increase these. It only takes a quick glance down the list of ingredients to see many of the most famous Chinese herbs. In fact, some of them you might already use or use with out knowing it. Alongside natural penis enhancement take a look of the other benefits it offers

Two of the herbs used are ginseng, both Chinese and the American varieties. Ginseng is basically the Chinese super herb. Not only will it help with your safe, natural penis enhancement but it help improve your virility, increase mental clarity, lower cholesterol, and help treat and prevent diabetes. As if all that is not enough the Chinese use it to treat cancer. It is easy to see why ginseng is such a highly regarded herb.

Tribulus Terrestris stimulates the sexual gland but is used for other ailments also. It has both anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties also. The fact that even body builders are starting to use it goes even farther to show its benefits

Not all the herbs used in Herbal Chinese Medicine are from China however but still have their own medicinal properties. Yohimbe bark is from Africa while Maca powder is from the Andes. Besides it's sexual properties, Maca also has been combating anemia, tuberculous, and stomach cancer back in time before the Incas. It is also used in increasing fertility in women as well as men. As for Yohimbe bark it has additional uses such as treating coughs and fevers. As a sexual aide it increases testosterone production so not only does it improve sexual performance but also helps build muscle mass.

Source by John Smith MD

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