Forgotten Remedies and the Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Over the years we as a society have gotten away from tried and true herbal cures and other traditional remedies and dismissed them as being "too folksy".

Once upon a time, we would turn to our parents or grandchildren when something was different with our little ones. More often than not, now we turn to family clinician. But they were never taught what our grandmothers learned from their own mothers, techniques that have been tried and true for a very long time.

Sometimes we tend to rely too much and modern technology, there are times when we need to get back to basics.

In this regard we would certainly be well advised to take a cue from the Far East where such inexpensive herbal cures are the norm-and often more effective than the expensive high-tech approach that we in the West rarely so heavily upon.

Take Asthma, for instance. One large lost remedy is a very simple one: Just apply lobelia (either in liquid form or else mixed with a carrier such as aloe vera or massage oil) to the chest and simply rub in.

Why is the Aloe Vera so helpful and important?

Well first off, it should be noted that Aloe Vera has been noted for quite some time for it's medical and wellness properties. It is a true health plant to be certain.

It can also be found in various supplements, liquids, drinks and so on. Ancient healers recorded the wonders of Aloe Vera in their written records. One such recorded benefit is it's great ability to promote a healthy skin.

Despite the fact that the majority of individuals know aloe vera mainly for its topical use, it has quite a few additional benefits as well. Manufacturers utilize the plant in a variety of different ways.
Broadly speaking, individuals who injest aloe internally on a routine schedule often report a heightened feeling of euphoria and calmness of being.

Perhaps one of the best features of aloe vera is the strong support it gives for the absorption of certain critical minerals and gives of itself to maximize whatever vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or nutritional supplements the body is trying to process.

Aloe Vera is also a superb anti-inflammatory substance, which is why it is used on cuts and burns as well as in various nutritional supplements.
In addition to it's noted wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties Aloe is also known for it's important immune-stimulatory activities.
Surprisingly, only a few aloe species out of more than three hundred total breeds are currently used in a commercial fashion.

One of the reasons that Aloe is so effective are due to important bioactive components called chromones.

The more you study it, the more you appreciate the natural wonder that is Aloe Vera.

Source by Ryan Joseph

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