Hard, Stiff Erections – The Best Chinese Herbs For Harder Erections Fast

If you want a hard stiff erection the herbs enclosed will give you one just like prescription drugs only naturally with no side affects and they will give you something man made drugs can’t and that’s increase your sex drive, for a complete sexual experience.

The herbs enclosed have worked for thousands of years and will work for you. Let’s look at a combination of herbs, you can find in all the best herbal sex pills for harder erections, more sex drive and better all round wellness.

Horny Goat Weed

This herb has great sexual health benefits and works just like Viagra to increase nitric oxide release and inhibit PDE-5, this leads to a relaxing of the corpus cavernosal tissue, to provide an increased flow of blood into the penis. The herb also increases levels of the key male sex hormone testosterone, for more sexual stamina and reduces stress which is a major cause of libido problems.


This herb also works to increase nitric oxide production and prevent PDE-5 build up so more blood can enter the penis, to ensure a stiff erection and in addition, it also ensures better blood circulation to the pelvic region on arousal…


A great tonic herb which increases energy levels, while at the same time lifting mood by reducing stress and anxiety. On a physical level it helps pump blood to the sex organs, assists in testosterone production and helps to keep sperm healthy.

Tongkat Ali Extract (Eurycoma longfolia)

The Glygopeptide compounds in Tongkat Ali, have been shown to increase free testosterone and decrease SHBG levels and this ensures better erectile function and helps men last longer in bed and finally, Tongakat Ali keeps sperm healthy, by increasing sperm count, sperm size and motility.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

The herb contains protodioscin, a saponin constituent, improving libido and erectile function but its best known, for its ability to dramatically increase testosterone and this makes it the favorite herbs of athletes and serious body builders.

Cistanche Bark

Cistanche Bark is a tonic herb which increases the blood circulation to all areas of the body including the pelvic region and it also keeps the sex organs healthy and has been taken for thousands of years to treat impotence and premature ejaculation in men.

Get them ALL in the Best Natural Sex Pills

You don’t need to buy them separately, you can get them in blended herbal sex pills to help you get hard stiff erections, increase your libido and help you achieve better overall health, quickly and naturally.

Source by Kelly Price

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