Kidney Yang Deficiency in Chinese Traditional Medicine

Kidney yang, also called primordial yang, is the basis of the yang qi of the entire body. It heats and encourages the functions of the organs and tissues as well.

In accordance with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the kidneys are the source of a small number of main substances in the body. We possess the "Yin" or body fluids and cooling mechanisms and also the "Yang" or metabolic heat. This circumstance can escalate to a lack of marrow in the head which ascends to a dull empty headache that is provoked by fatigue if the Kidney Yin or Yang is deficient. Although strange, but it is true.

Some of the symptoms of kidney yang deficiency, according to TCM, are repeated urination, difficulty urinating, and edema, symptoms that necessitate medical attention.

Sweating for no reason is other symptoms of kidney yang deficiency. This is because of the lack of energy in the body not being able to appropriately lock and lock the pores of the skin. It is no problem to sweat while you're angry or hot. But you may suffer a Kidney Yang deficiency if you're sweating for no good reason.

Not everyone with kidney yang deficiency lives through these symptoms. In TCM, the kidneys possess a broader function than the kidneys in Western physiology.

You're also might be cold constantly if you're deficient in Yang. Generally, when we consider a typical Yang deficiency, we deem in terms of the functions of the Kidneys because, in accordance with Chinese medicine, they are provided as the source of Yang in the body.

Presentations of kidney yang deficiency comprise: soreness or cold sensation in the synagogues and lumbar regions, aversion to cold, cold limbs, spiritual fatigue, difficulty in urination, enuresis, incontinence, declination libido, or impotence in severe cases; female sterility, and general edema may also appear. The pulse is fine or fine and deep; the tongue is bulky, moist, and covered with white fur. Kidney yang deficiency syndrome generates signs of yang vacuity internal cold consistently.

Kidney yang deficiency and kidney qi deficiency stand for numerous stages of a process. Inappropriate management of kidney qi deficiency causes kidney yang deficiency; on the contrary, appropriate management of kidney yang deficiency causes fewer less symptoms of a kidney qi deficiency and consequentially gradual improvement to the normal condition.

A lot of diseases can be caused by imbalance of kidney yin and kidney yang. This imbalance also can influence the entire organs of the body. It should be first determined whether there is a deficiency of yin or yang, for accurate diagnosis of a condition, before identifying the organs concerned. The effects of treatment can be stimulated by cautious diagnosis.

Source by MC Raflesia

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