Natural Diabetes Cure – Asian Ginseng For Diabetes Treatment

Asian ginseng for diabetes treatment is an essential part of your management plan for a natural diabetes cure. Ginseng is a distinct slow-growing perennial plant that has fleshy roots that belong to the Panax genus in the family of Araliaceae. This plant grows in the northern hemisphere in eastern Asia (mainly north China, Korea and eastern Siberia), and is typically found in cooler climates.

The traditional use of Asian ginseng roots is taken orally as adaptogens, aphrodisiacs, nourishing stimulants, and in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Asian ginseng root is available in dried form, either whole or sliced. The leaf of the ginseng is not as beneficial as the root of the plant.

Asian ginseng is a traditional Chinese medicine that promotes yang energy, improves circulation, increases blood supply, stimulates the body, and revitalises and aids in the recovery from weakness after illness. There are four forms of the Asian ginseng as a natural diabetes cure available and they are:

  • Fresh ginseng, which is the raw product
  • White ginseng, which is the fresh ginseng that has been dried. It is grown for four to six years, then peeled and diverted to reduce the water content to 12% or less
  • Red ginseng is harvested after six years, it is not peeled and is steam-cured at standard boiling temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius, which gives it the reddish-brown color
  • Sun ginseng is created from a heat processing method which increases the ginsenoside components by steaming white ginseng at a higher temperature than red ginseng

According to traditional Chinese medicine all of these forms of ginseng have unique healing properties.

Asian ginseng has the ability to lower LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, while raising the good cholesterol known as HDL (high-density lipoprotein). It may also help to lower your blood pressure, however, people with hypertension should consult their doctor before taking Asian ginseng for diabetes treatment.

Following are some of the benefits of Asian ginseng:

  • Type 2 diabetes – has shown that is can help to lower blood sugar levels
  • Cardiovascular health – Asian ginseng has antioxidant properties that helps the body get rid of free radicals, which can damage DNA and is said to contribute to heart disease, diabetes and other conditions
  • Stress and well-being – Asian ginseng is often called "adaptogen", which helps the body to deal with stress
  • Cancer – research has shown that it may reduce the risk of some types of cancer, some of these include liver, pancreatic, stomach, ovarian, and lung
  • Menopausal symptoms – studies have shown that is able to relieve some of the menopausal symptoms that include improvement on mood, depression and a sense of well-being
  • Alzheimer's disease – studies have shown it may slow the progress of this terrible disease
  • Immune system health – it is understood that it can enhance the immune system by helping the body to fight off infection and disease

A natural diabetes cure called Asian ginseng is absolutely vital to include in your diabetes management plan so that you can achieve optimum health.

Source by S Kennedy

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