Prevention For Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is much harder to prevent than Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is usually inherited; while Type 2 is diagnosed usually between you turn 40 years old. Nonetheless, Type 2 can be controlled by following a few steps. First of all, it is very important to manage your insulin. This means that you need to watch how much sugar you are consuming, preferably on a per day basis. Secondly, it is better to eat frequent, small meals. Many people these days tend to wait until they are starving then have a huge meal. This is not how it should be done, and small, frequent meals will put you at much less of a risk for diabetes.

In general terms, you must have a diet and follow it consistently if you want to effectively prevent diabetes. There is no specific diet that is magic, and diets will vary depending on the individual and varying factors (age, weight, sex, etc …). Many people of certain cultures stick with their own cultures food, and sometimes, the food they regularly have is not healthy. You may need to work around your eating habits to have an effective diet.

Generally, the guidelines of the diet are quite simple. First of all, you need to get rid of as many processed carbohydrates as you can. Second of all, do not have any carbs within 2 hours of sleeping, as this is very unhealthy. Your body needs time to digest, and 2 hours is simply not enough. It is also very important to have a good mix of fats, carbs, and protein. Do not have all proteins or all fats in your meals. Make sure you have a good mix of all of them (generally it is good to follow a 30-40-30 ratio).

As for meals, it is important to have smaller meals, but more frequently. And last of all, do not skip breakfast. Breakfast is very important for human's bodies to function properly. More specifically, be sure that your breakfast is extremely high in protein. Breakfast should be the meal that consist of the most proteins.

As hard as it is to maintain a diet for many, it is worth the struggle. Your health is more important than anything, an giving up certain sugary foods (or unhealthy foods in other words) is something you will not regret in the long run. If you eat healthy and exercise regularly, you will be at much less risk for being diagnosed with diabetes.

Source by Dan Reto

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